Monday, May 25, 2009

Happy Memorial Day

Thank You to the Men and Women
who are serving,
who have served,
our United States Armed Forces.

We are in debt to you.

Many Have Served for Us,

Many Have Died for Us,

So that We "All" May Remain Free...
Remember Them All.

Thank You

Note: All photos have been taken by me, Biker Betty. Please don't copy without my permission. Thanks :)


Baron's Life said...

You done a good job with the pictures.
Ride safe...BTW, congratulations on the 2 "A" s for your courses.

Biker Betty said...

Thanks so much. Sometimes I amaze myself with how a photo will come out. None of these were cropped or anything. I just added a border to two that spruced them up nicely.

Thanks so about the grades. There sure was a LOT of homework involved. One class had me writing 3-4 page papers every week, but it was very interesting and I learned a lot. I'm able to use the knowledge from both classes for my job and that's nice.

Torch said...

I second the thank you to those who serve the rest of us.

Ride on,

KT Did said...

Hey Biker Betty: I know you served our country and a personal thanks from me to you on that.

On the other note you had about Blogger, in the past they did the same thing but I contacted them and they fixed it. Sometimes when a blog has a huge blog roll and takes a lot of time to load they do that. Wierd. Good to see you back. I have been taking a little break myself and just peeking in. Glad to hear you are well and back in the riding season.

Name- Rob said...

I loved the photos and message and keep the great work up at college. Maybe I will go back to school!

Ron Sorg said...

Biker Betty I like your site. Please share with your readers my site

Rachel Ferrucci-mamarucci said...

Betty- You're pictures are beautiful! I look forward to reading your blog as we are also bikers however I need to get my license so i can ride my own bike!

Rachel Ferrucci- MamaRucci

Dimitri said...

I really appricate the work done by you. I solute to all those who sacrificed their life for us.


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WooleyBugger said...

Betty, where are you???

shawaiz said...

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thanks and regards
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Katherine said...

I appricate the work done by you. I solute to all those who sacrificed their life for us.

Scooter 50cc said...

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scooterphilippines said...

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Maiden Leather said...

My son in law is serving ...many prayers. Your blog is marvelous

rich said...

great blog and photos, keep it up!

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